Mental Health; Break the Stigma

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Join the conversation with Global Girl Power Foundation on Mental Health - Break the Stigma at Women Deliver Conference 2019 in Vancouver forming a part of the official side event schedule.
Women and girls from all walks of life across the globe undergo long-term physical and mental health implications due to traumatic experiences and atrocities. With mental health at the forefront, we strive to create a safe space for women and girls, educate them about their rights, and the resources available to them. Furthermore, we want to empower people to break the stigma through their stories and experiences.

Our goal with the event is to bring people from the local and international communities together to help end all forms of violence and discrimination and ensuring sound mental health and well- being of women and girls by;
● Raising international awareness on issues violating women rights and inspire action for social change.
● Breaking the stigma of mental health; post-traumatic disorder
● Removing barriers at the cultural and grassroots level.
● Promoting equality and social inclusion.
● Addressing the need for rapid access to health care, social protection, proper access to mental health care resources and psychological support to all victims.

Women are the building blocks of a community and culture. Strong women mirror an empowered, educated & supportive community. Recognizing the effects of PTSD on women’s mental health is the first step towards creating a better future for women around the globe.

“When a woman is empowered with support and education she is then able to recognize the brilliant potential within her and become the light of an entire community. She is more likely to stand against violence, earn a greater living, have a healthier family, support others in her community and continue the surge; that is girl power.”- Global Girl Power Foundation

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