Sexual Assaults in Canada

By Harjot Chamba

Violence is not about a race, a class, a religion, or a nationality, but it is about a gender. Violence against a gender is most commonly seen against women. Violence against women can be defined as any sexual or non-sexual act committed with violence that results or is possible to result in physical, sexual and psychological disturbance, irrespective of the environment.

Every act of violence moderates and terminates women’s basic human rights and freedoms. One out of four women will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. According to Sexual Assault Centre, 39% of violence against women has been reported in Canada and around which at least one experience of sexual assault since the age of 16. Most of the sexual violence perpetrators end up walking free from the crime they’ve committed. This is because sexual violence victims are blamed on the way they were dressed up during crime scene, but let’s get one fact straight that clothes don’t cause rape or any form of sexual violence. It is all caused by an individual’s approach to others and the accused perpetrator is male in 99% of sexual assaults. Most perpetrators don’t consider themselves as perpetrators because according to them the victim was “asking for it”.

 According to Statistics Canada, 82% of sexual assault perpetrators are known to the victim, it may be their relative or close friend. Moreover, women are still seen as objects in mainstream society and portrayed as objects in the media, video games or pornography that shows violence, sexism, and objectification of women. There are many major constituent of the feminist movement to end “gender based violence” who are continuing to work to provide effective treatment and support for victims, and to hold perpetrators responsible. It strives to disprove the myth of victims provoking their own victimization.

There are many resources available now to help sexual assault victims and support them in getting justices, such as Global Girl Power Foundation which is an Non-profit Organization that empowers, educate and support all women around the world or SACHA which is an organization supported by the Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario Victim Services Secretariat Ontario and the City of Hamilton. SACHA helps the survivors of sexual assault while working to end violence in our community.

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